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Self Portrait
Pieter Zaadstra – Self Portrait

Welcome to Pieter Zaadstra’s Life Drawing Sessions

The human body continues to be explored in art.

Drawing is a creative test of sensual intimacy, a skilfulness that is attained through constant practice and then maybe to share.

Nudes in art have evolved over the centuries.

Artists feed our yearning to be voyeurs and we gain pleasure by embracing primal desires to see sensationally evocative art.

Artists painting or sketching nudes are often considered to be controversial.

Models who dare to be revealed by these artists may encounter censure. Yet, as a society, we have become more accepting now.

Artists paint for profit and some of them paint nudes for artistic challenges.

Models are a work of art too, a form to be captured well, like a graceful Botticelli ‘Venus’.

Life drawing sessions celebrate the masculinity and femininity form aspects of the models.

Stylistically my drawings are from the studios of the school of Den Hague, circa late 1800s, with a dapper splash of Giovanni Boldini.

Viewers may appreciate the creative rhythm of the featured nudes they find here.

Please enjoy.

Pieter Zaadstra


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